News Report

News Report

New Fixtures out for a new season. All Fixtures for our newly formed Divisions 1, 2 & 3 for 2021/22

29/09/21 | Garbo

All fixtures for new 2021/22 season available now on website

Hi Folks !

The fixtures for the new season are here !!

We ended up with 38 teams and so have 12 in Div 1, 13 in Div 2 and 13 in Div 3

38 isn't an ideal number as you really need the same number of teams in each division (that being an even number of teams in each division) otherwise fixture scheduling is a nightmare !!! And it was !!

So 36 (3 lots of 12) or 42 (3 lots of 14) would have been ideal. 13 in each division would be an odd number in each division and hence void fixtures. 

However, no matter how many void fixtures you may have - you will still be playing more matches than you did in the 2019/20 season.

Team squads will be updated during the week and certainly before the season starts !!

Good luck to all of you for a successful start to the season on weds 6th October



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